Our Amenities
The neighborhood amenities are available for residents to use. If you want to reserve a space or check the availability, go to the Reservations page. Please note that some spaces require a fee and a separate reservation/rental agreement.


Basketball Court

The basketball court is located near the gazebo and is for resident use only.  It is accessible only by the resident’s key fob. If you see interlopers using the court, please contact the police to intervene and email the Board of Directors.
Pick up games happen on Saturday morning. Come on down and add your email/name to the informal email list for casual and semi-pro players.

Soccer Field

The Soccer Field is located at the front of Overlook and open to resident use and non-resident groups which provide a service to residents and are sponsored by an owner/resident.  Examples of this include soccer practice and summer camp sport activities. The so cer field is closed fir use from 10 pm to 5 am.


The Clubhouse amenity, renovated and decorated in summer 2006, is for resident use and resident sponsored events which are approved by the Board.
The facility overlooks the pool and entails a central entertaining space with ensuite half kitchen (coffee maker,  fridge, and microwave only), stereo system, large flat screen TV with DVD player and his and her restrooms, including showers. 
There are fees and deposits associated with usage.  Please see clubhouse rules and regulations and read the detailed responsibilities in the Rental Agreement before planning your event.
Tennis Courts
The tennis courts, located near the Clubhouse, are for residents on a first come first serve basis. From time to time, 'Board of Director approved'  regular tennis lessons may be scheduled which preempt walk-on use.  For a schedule of lesson times, please see notices in this website's event calendar. 
Entry to the locked courts require residents to key-in a password/number. Contact Braesael for the current number which may change from year to year. Due to security and non-resident usage concerns, the access code will change periodically.  When the code is changed, we will post a note in the Forum under the "Clubs and Sports" section.
And please... take care of the newly surfaced courts! Skating, skateboarding or biking are prohibited. No pets allowed on the courts.
For problems, contact any Board Member. Courts close at 10 pm. Please turn off the lights when you leave.

Boat Launch


The Overlook boat ramp is intended for the convenience and use of Overlook residents only.  Please notify somebody on the HOA if you see that this ramp is being misused.  Each resident should Use the keypad to opens the gate to the ramp and we ask that residents to not share the code. The code will change and is posted on the Home Page. 


Boat Storage Lot


Residents can access the boat storage lot withe their key fob.  It is intended for the use of Overlook residents only. It is intended for the storage of water vessels and water vessel trailers only.  No other vehicles or trailers of any kind are permitted in the boat storage lot.  There is a very limited number of spaces available and you can be added to the waiting list by contacting Eric Mattes at Braesael.  Important note: these spaces do not transfer to new owners if a resident sells their house.  Therefore, holding on to a storage space with the intention of including it as an asset and feature to help sell your home is not prudent.  Braesael will audit the lot on a semi annual basis to ensure proper use of the spaces and track availability


Gazebo and Community Park

The Community Park and gazebo located together off Overlook Mountain Dr. The gazebo can be used for private use or community events on a first-come first- served basis. There is no charge. The park is closes from 10 pm to 5 am.
The Park is the site of many of the Overlook's community events.The playground there is often the meeting place of under 5 year old playgroups and their parents or nannies.
Please read the park rules and check out the Clubhouse, Pool and Gazebo Shelter Rental  Agreement for more rules and requirements before planning an event. 
Please note that no parking is allowed overnight in the ramp parking lot and violators may be towed.


Residents can access the pool with their key fob and it is open to all residents and their guests.  Generally speaking, the Pool opens up on or around Memorial Day and closes on or around Labor Day.  After school is done for the year, the pool opens at 10 am and closes at 9 pm and is open 7 days a week, weather permitting.  When school is in session between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the pool is generally open on weekends, 10 am to 9 pm.  You can contact Aquatech Pool Management for any specific questions regarding pool hours.
The Overlook Pool is also home to the Overlook Hurricanes - the current area swim champions who have held that title for the last 14 years and counting!  Ages for the swim start at 5 years and go all the way up to 18 so if you have a child who wants to join the team, please contact Overlook residents Stephanie Hudson or Kirsten Hall.
To reserve the pool for a pool party, you will need to contact Aquatech Pool Management in addition to making a reservation on our website. There is a fee of $20 per hour for every lifeguard needed.